Asia Cup 2022 Pakistan vs India Highlights Match no 2 :

Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

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Pakistan won the toss.

Pakistani captain Babar Azam said during the toss:

“The dew could be a factor. That’s why we are bowling first. We had a lot of positives from the last match against India. The message is to play positively.”

Indians captain Rohit Sharma said during the toss.

It was a headache to select the playing eleven. We would have bowled first but need to play freely(now) and assess a good score on this pitch. Momentum counts in this format. You must be on the money and not worry about external pressure. Injury is something we can’t control, Jadeja has been ruled out, and he’s back home.

Pakistan won the toss and decided to ball first.

So we are starting with both teams’ national anthems. Here we go! Outwalk from the dugout of the Indian team, the two Indian openers- KL Rahul and his captain Rohit Sharma. Naseem Shah will open the bowling attack.

India 11/0 in 1 Over:

Rohit Sharma is in the mood tonight. And they have a lot of criticism for slow batting. The Indian captain gives indicators of how he’s going to bat. After that, KL_Rahul is on strike with a single,  open India account. Rohit left a bowl for a keeper. And then directly to slam one over covers for a four. These four runs boosted my confidence. Rohit then picked up the length and pulled the last bowl with a handsomely shot over midwicket for a six. 11 runs from the over.

India to 20/0 in 2 Overs:

Mohammad Hasnain is now on the attack. First, bowl the better of Rohit Sharma  – beating him on the outside edge. And then Rohit launched the following over mid-off for a beautiful four runs. Nine runs from the overtake. That has been quite a start from the defending champions.

India 34/0 in 3 Overs:

KL Rahul, play the beautiful shot. India openers are in blazing form. Naseem Shah tried outfoxing the India batter with a slower one to start the third over. Rahul spotted it early and unleashed a beautiful aerial drive to send the ball gliding over covers for a six. And then he ended the over in the same fashion. But with an audacious crowd that sent the ball flying into the sightscreen for six—fourteen runs from above. 

India 46/0 in 4 Overs:

He sees that his new ball bowlers have taken some beating, Babar Azam slots in right-arm fast Haris Rauf. But he gets a cold welcome from Rohit Sharma, who drives the excellent length delivery through covers for a four. Rauf corrected the length, but Rohit spotted it early and easily pulled that away to the midwicket boundary for a maximum of the following. Credit to Rauf for keeping the India batters for just two of the remaining four. Still 12 runs from the over.

Now the first over of spin. Babar Azam hopes to slow things down and inserts Mohammad Nawaz into the action. However, KL Rahul doesn’t care. He charges forward and thumps one from the bowler over his head for a straight four. 

India 54/0 in 5 Overs:

Mohammad Nawaz leaks eight runs in his first over. He must be happy with the effort, judging by how far his fellow bowlers have fared.

WICKET!. That makes relief for Pakistan now. Rohit Sharma wasn’t looking to curb his aggressiveness. He top-edged one from Haris Rauf with Khushdil Shah going for the catch – he did catch it but ended up colliding with teammate Fakhar Zaman. No harm was done, though, as Khushdil kept hold of the ball. 

India 62/1 in 6 Overs:

Virat Kohli has walked in at no 3. And Haris Rauf welcomes him with a bouncer, which is too high, and the ball keeps flying for five wides. Kohli, though, gets off the mark with a punch for a single. Eight runs and a wicket in the over. 

WICKET! Spinner Shadab Khan strikes with his first delivery of the match. Rahul charged forward and hit it without much power to be caught by Mohammad Nawaz, who lost both openers by India. KL Rahul also fails to cross 28 like his opening partner after holing out to the long-on fielder.

Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

India 71/2 in 7 Overs:

KL Rahul might have departed early in the over of Shadab Khan but leaving two new batters in the middle – Suryakumar Yadav and Virat Kohli – but that doesn’t change anything as far as run-flow goes. Suryakumar gets the mark off the first delivery with a cut shot for four, and then Kohli ends the over with a beautiful whip for a four. Nine runs from the above.

India is 79/2 in 8 Overs.

Suryakumar Yadav seems to have resumed from where he left in the game against Hong Kong. He has charged forward and lifted one from Mohammad Nawaz elegantly over extra cover for a four. Virat Kohli then shows his supreme running between the wickets by taking a couple despite the fielder putting in a dive at extra cover. 8 runs from the over.

India is 88/2 in 9 Overs.

Virat Kohl is lucky that a thick outside edge he got off Shadab Khan fell short of the fielder in the short third man region who went for the catch, and the ball right in front of him and sneaked past for four. Nine runs from it.

WICKET! Oh dear, he was playing so well. Suryakumar Yadav would be livid for failing to carry on after two sublime boundaries to get his innings underway. He went for his favorite sweep shot against Mohammad Nawaz but got a thick top edge to hole out to Asif Ali. He scored 13 runs.

India 93/3 in 10 Overs:

A superb over from left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz before the drinks break. Five singles and a wicket in it. Pakistan is pulling things back a little. Virat Kohli (18*) has just been joined by Rishabh Pant (1*).
Some wayward bowling from pacer Mohammad Hasnain because he bowls consecutive wides.

India is 101/3 in 11 Overs:

Second better over by Muhammad Hasnain. The over began with Rishabh Pant hoping to steal a single after Virat Kohli played one towards short midwicket but rightly sent back even as the fielder unleashed a direct hit. Then Hasnain dropped one short, which Kohli slammed to the deep square leg region for a four. And then Hasnain bowled two consecutive wides as well. Eight runs from the over.

India is 105/3 in 12 Overs:

Another tidy over from left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz – allows just four singles in it. He finishes with 1/25 from four overs. 

India 118/3 in 13 Overs:

Naseem Shah continues to be expensive today. He returns for a second spell, and Virat Kohli drives the first delivery through covers for a superb four. Rishabh Pant then shows his power later in the over as he pills one away to the deep square leg region for a four. 13 runs from it. Naseem has now leaked 38 runs from 3 Overs. 

WICKET! Rishabh Pant has been caught at a point on 14. His innings end early, with Shadab Khan landing another major blow. Pant went for the reverse sweep but hit it to the point fielder. 

India to 126/4 in 14 Overs:

Rishabh Pant had collected a streaky four in the over – an outside edge to third man region – but a reverse sweep proved his downfall. 8 runs from the third over of Shadab Khan’s take. Hardik Pandya joins Virat Kohli.

WICKET! That’s a massive blow to India. Mohammad Hasnain gets his first wicket as Hardik Pandya whips one away to short midwicket, where Mohammad Nawaz dives to his left to complete the catch. Pandya walks back for a 2-ball duck.

Mohammad Hasnain greeted Deepak Hooda with quick delivery, and the India batter arched his back to try and get this over the keeper’s head. However, he didn’t connect, but the ball kept rising and flew over the leaping keeper’s grasp, who then landed on his left leg, which caused him some pain. The team physio has been summoned.

India 135/5 in 15 Overs:

Mohammad Hasnain did land a big scalp in Hardik Pandya but also leaked nine runs. Meanwhile, Mohammad Rizwan looks good to go after that awkward landing.

India 140/5 in 16 Overs:

A couple of three singles in the over of Shadab Khan, and he finishes his four-overs spell with figures of 1/31. The spinners have put Pakistan in a comfortable position after the beating the pacers took in the first half of the innings.

India 148/5 in 17 Overs:

Deepak Hooda shows his skills – he picks the gap through covers to send the ball racing away for a four. Virat Kohli has now moved to 47 off 34 – a good inning, but he needs to step up unless Hooda decides to shift gears. 

India 164/5 in 18 Overs:

FIFTY! Second consecutive half-century for Virat Kohli. He reaches the milestone in style – he uses his wrists to flay one over the midwicket region for a six. He moves to 53 off 46. It is a good over for India – 16 runs off Mohammad Hasnain, who finishes his spell with 1/38. 

WICKET! A timely breakthrough for Pakistan comes from Naseem Shah. Deepak Hooda went for a biggie but was undone by the slower delivery as he holes out to deep midwicket on 16 off 14.

India 171/6 in 19 Overs:

Considering that he went for plenty in his first three overs, Naseem Shah has done well to keep India to just seven runs in his final. And he took a wicket as well. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has joined Virat Kohli.

WICKET! In his aim for a second, Virat Kohli ends up being run out after flicking one to the deep square leg region, and Asif Ali made a direct hit to catch him short. Kohli scored 60 off 44.

India 181/7 in 20 Overs

Oh, he would enjoy and remember this for a while. The young Ravi Bishnoi has collected back-to-back fours off the final two deliveries to ensure the Indian innings finish on a high. Ten runs and a wicket in the last over. It was, in fact, a superb over from Rauf after he started with a wide before bowling three dot balls in a row, including a one-off in which Virat Kohli refused a single.

Pakistan needs 182 to win:

Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam are the two Pakistan openers. Bhuvneshwar Kumar with the first over for India. Here we go. Target: 182.

Pakistan 9/0 1 Over, Remaining 173:

A boundary each to Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam in the first over of Bhuvneshwar Kumar as Pakistan is up and running. Nine runs from the over. Rizwan opened his and the team’s account with the first ball of the chase – cutting it through point for four. And then Babar used his wrists to send the penultimate delivery to the midwicket region for a four.

Pakistan 11/0 2 Overs, Remaining 171:

So left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh neutralizes the rollicking start of the first over by giving away just two in the second.

Pakistan 19/0 3 Overs, Remaining 163, Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues from one end. The over was running be a good one, but for the final delivery when Babar Azam pulled a short delivery away for four. Eight runs from it.

WICKET! A tame dismissal, this one. Babar Azam had started well and was looking to continue in the same flow as he wanted to hit this to midwicket but ended up being caught by the fielder. Oh, and then the umpire asked Babar to wait while they checked for the no-ball. And it’s okay—a massive breakthrough for India. Babar scored 14.

Pakistan 22/1 4 Overs, Remaining 160:

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma inserted spin as early as the fourth over, and the ploy worked with Ravi Bishnoi to get rid of Babar Azam. Just three runs and a wicket in this over. Fakhar Zaman has joined Mohammad Rizwan.

Pakistan 36/1 5 Overs, Remaining 146:

It doesn’t seem to be Hardik Pandya’s night. After a two-ball dot. He has been creamed for 14 runs by Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman in his first over of the innings. It began with Rizwan hitting the first delivery to fine leg for four before Fakhar Zaman cut the fourth through point for a four to get off the mark. Rizwan then finished steering a short delivery over a short third-man fielder for his second and third boundary.

Pakistan 44/1 6 Overs, Remaining 138:

Rohit Sharma brought back Arshdeep Singh for the final over of Powerplay. Mohammad Rizwan played a stunning pickup shot to send the ball flying backward square leg region for a six. Barring that, Arshdeep bowled well to keep Pakistan to two more in the over. 8 runs from it.

Mohammad Rizwan is at his fluent best tonight. A misfield from Virat Kohli at mid-off gives him another four and brings up Pakistan’s 50 in 6.4 overs.

Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

Pakistan 51/1 7 Overs,  Remaining 131:

Legspinner Yuzvendra Chahal pressed into action after the Powerplay. Mohammad Rizwan collects a boundary in the over and has now moved to 30 off 20. 

Pakistan 57/1 in 8 Overs, Remaining 125:

Ravi Bishnoi is back in the attack after taking the wicket of Babar Azam in his first over. Five singles and a leg bye in his second over. An excellent job from the Indian spinners so far – doing precisely what the Pakistan spinners did earlier in the match.

WICKET! Yuzvendra Chahal strikes. The pressure of scoring quick runs gets to Fakhar Zaman, who wanted to launch this over long-on, but a clever Chahal dragged his length back. Fakhar holes out to Virat Kohli on 15. 

Pakistan 67/2 9 Overs, Remaining 115:

In the over of Yuzvendra Chahal two fours and a wicket as well. Mohammad Nawaz is the new batter who has just gotten off the mark by cutting one to send the ball running past the short third-man fielder for a four.

Pakistan 76/2 10 Overs, Remaining 106:

Pace returns in Hardik Pandya. Pandya does well to keep them to just two off the next four. And Mohammad Nawaz slams the second delivery over long-on for a six.

Pakistan 86/2 11 Overs, Remaining 96:

So after a short drink break, Yuzvendra Chahal continues. And Mohammad Rizwan muscles a full toss from the leggie over deep midwicket for a six. Ten runs from the over.

Pakistan 96/2 12 Overs, Remaining 86, Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

Ravin Bishnoi is back for another over. Mohammad Nawaz goes for a slog sweep and connects it well enough to clear the midwicket boundary for a six. Ten runs from the over as well. Pakistan is keeping up with the required run rate. India needs a wicket or two here to regain control.

FIFTY! With a couple, Mohammad Rizwan brings up his half-century. And those two runs also bring up.

Pakistan 107/2 13 Overs, Remaining 75:

Arshdeep Singh is back for his third over of the innings. He repeatedly tried for yorkers but failed to land them, including one which Mohammad Nawaz slammed for a straight four. Arshdeep persisted and finally nailed it, resulting in an appeal for lbw, but he turned it down. 11 runs from it.

Pakistan 119/2 14 Overs, Remaining 63:

Hardik Pandya is back. And he delivers another expensive over. Mohammad Nawaz first punished him for erring in length by slamming it over the extra cover region for a four and then was lucky that an edge flew safely over the keeper’s head for four. Twelve runs from the over. 

Pakistan needs 47 in 30 bowls:

Muhammad Nawaz makes the bigger blinker for the Indian team. On the other hand, Mohammad Rizwan’s fifty plays an essential role in this innings. Yuzvendra Chahal has given 16 runs in his final, including back-to-back fours by Nawaz. Rizwan hits four runs in the over as well. Rizwan is batting on 62 off 44, while Nawaz is on 42 off 18. Pakistan needs 47 of 30 to win this now. Unless India can take a couple of wickets here, this contest is headed only one way from here.

WICKET! A much-needed breakthrough for India comes courtesy of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who has outfoxed Mohammad Nawaz with a slower one to have his hole out at long-off on 42. Brilliant from Bhuvneshwar as Nawaz was running away with the game from India.

Pakistan 139/3 16 Overs, Remaining 43:

Precisely the kind of over India would have wanted at this stage. Bhuvneshwar Kumar allowed four runs in it and dislodged the dangerman, Mohammad Nawaz.

WICKET! Another massive breakthrough for India. They have gotten rid of both the set batters in a quick time now. Hardik Pandya has taken some beating tonight, but he deliveries with the wicket of Mohammad Rizwan on 71. Slower delivery from Pandya and Rizwan chips it to long-off, and Suryakumar Yadav makes no mistakes.

Pakistan 151/4 17.2 Overs, Remaining 31, Pakistan vs. India Highlights:

Ravi Bishnoi bowls one down the leg side, and Asif Ali wants to pull this but misses. The umpire called it a wide but India reviewed it. UltraEdge registers a very soft spike. Would that be enough to overturn the on-field decision, though? The TV Umpire will not make his decision in haste, it seems. And the not-out decision stays for Pakistan. That could cost India dearly.

DROPPED! Arshdeep Singh has dropped a sitter. Asif Ali went for a slog sweep, and a top-edge followed. Arshdeep appeared calm at the short third-man region, but the ball bursts through his hands.

Pakistan 156/4 18 Overs, Remaining 26:

Pakistan needs 26 runs off 12 deliveries now. Ravi Bishnoi bowled three wides, had a review for a caught-behind and saw with frustration as he dropped a catch from his bowling. Eight runs in the over.

Pakistan 175/4 19 Overs, Remaining 7:

That dropped catch has come back to haunt India quickly. Asif Ali shows his power as he launches one from Bhuvneshwar Kumar over long-on for a six. And then Khusdhil Shah pulls away a short delivery for four. Asif slams the final delivery over extra cover for four more to make it 19 from the 19th.

WICKET! Another twist?! Arshdeep Singh trapped Asif Ali lbw on 16. He reviewed it but looks plumb. The ball tracker confirms it would have hit the stump.

Pakistan beat India by five wickets:

Pakistan (182/5 in 19.5 Overs) beat India (181/7 in 20 Overs) to start the Super Four stage with a thrilling win. Iftikhar Ahmed faced the first delivery from Arshdeep Singh past the bowler and took a couple, with Pakistan wiping out the deficit to win with a delivery to spare. Arshdeep had conceded a four earlier in the over but then raised Indian hopes by trapping Asif Ali lbw. However, Pakistan needed two off 2, which they achieved relatively quickly.

Asia Cup 2022 Live Telecast & Broadcasting:

CountryLive Telecast and Broadcast Channels
IndiaStar Sports network
PakistanPTV Sports and Ten Sports
BangladeshGazi TV (GTV)
Australia and New ZealandYupp TV
South AfricaSuperSport network
The USA and UKHotstar 
Middle EastOSN Sports Cricket

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