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India Vs Pakistan Highlights, World Cup 2022

World T20 2022 16th match on Sunday, 23 Oct 2022
Stadium: Melbourne Cricket Ground
India won by 4 wickets.

The man Virat Kohli is not. He is an emotion. Because of this, he raises the entire world with him every time he steps onto the field. Or, at a minimum, about one billion of its citizens.

One of India’s best players played an innings that might have been their best in T20 cricket on a day when only the exceptional were allowed inside the MCG. He became emotional as he said, “It has to be because they beat Pakistan in the end.”

Toss, India Vs Pakistan Highlights:

India skipper Rohit Sharma won the toss and opted to field against Pakistan in the Super 12 stage of the ongoing T20 World Cup. “We are going to the field first. Looks like a good pitch. It’s always nice with overcast conditions. Think the ball will swing around a bit. Preparations have been good. We played a couple of practice games in Brisbane. Time to come out and enjoy ourselves. We were expecting nothing less than this. Hopefully, we’ll entertain them. We have seven batters, three seamers, and two spinners.” said Rohit Sharma. “Toss is not in our hands. We’ll try to post around 160-170. Pakistani team much efforts and are ready for this big game. We won a series back home and played a tri-series in New Zealand, so we are prepared. We have three fast bowlers and two spinners.” said Babar Azam.

Time to start the first innings:

As Bhuvneshwar Kumar leads India’s bowling attack, Pakistan’s Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan walk into the crease. Babar Azam is out when Arshdeep enters, but Pakistan has requested a review. Arshdeep Singh dismissed Babar Azam for a golden duck, giving India a crucial victory. At four, Mohammad Rizwan leaves after Bhuvneshwar intercepts him on Arshdeep’s delivery. Off the past three overs, 26 runs have been scored.

Pakistan has picked up some momentum. A much-needed one, as their openers’ mistakes seriously damaged what would have been a stronger start for them. Guys, check out the first six players in the match! He was bowled over for a six by the flight Ravichandran Ashwin and Iftikhar Ahmed offered. To reach a competitive total against India, Pakistan needs many more runs like it in successive innings.

Iftikhar Ahmed is having a great day! He smashed Axar Patel for two consecutive sixes on the third and fourth deliveries of the over after sending the bowler’s opening delivery for a six. The Indian defender made an incredible effort to catch the ball at long-off for the second six, but Pakistan scored a six instead. Iftikhar Ahmed’s sensational smashes have caused Axar Patel to give up 21 runs in his first over. He blasted two straight sixes later in the above after blasting a vast six to open the above. Pakistan is now enjoying itself.

Pakistan breakthrough, India Vs Pakistan Highlights Cricket Match:

Finally, Pakistan’s third wicket partnership of 76 runs is broken. Mohammed Shami has fired Iftikhar Ahmed. Right in front of the stumps, the batsman was caught. He thus decided against seeking a review of the umpire’s ruling. Iftikhar leaves after making 51 off 34 balls. Hardik Pandya makes his first appearance in the game’s list of wickets. Shadab Khan was out for a 6-ball, 5-run knock and could not accomplish anything. Suryakumar Yadav grabbed the catch at long-on with ease after hitting the short-of-length ball high in the air.

Pakistan is down by four. With six overs left in their innings, Pakistan is now five runs down in the game after Hardik Pandya caught Haider Ali. In his third over, Hardik Pandya claimed two wickets and altered the course of the game. Note that India regained control after giving up two runs in the above! Hardik Pandya enjoyed the victory since they defeated Mohammad Nawaz. Nawaz was struck with a short ball that he bowled. Although the batsman intended to edge it to wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik, he did not. Pakistan is down six. After Arshdeep Singh defeated Asif Ali with a stunning bouncer, Pakistan was at sea. Asif, who failed to get his body out of the way of the ball as he was being bowled, edged it to wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Arshdeep Singh now has three wickets.

Last over of the first innings:

What an entertaining game! Shaheen Afridi was dismissed by Bhuvneshwar Kumar on the second delivery of his last over. Bhuvi delivered a short delivery, and Afridi arrived late for the pull. Bhuvi made a superb return catch after the ball struck the bat’s sticker region. In 20 overs against India, Pakistan scored 159 for eight after scoring two runs off the last delivery. Despite their rocky start, they have a fantastic final score. Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s final overproduced ten runs.

2nd Innings starter under control by Pakistan:

India has begun their 160-run chase against Pakistan at the MCG. KL Rahul is the striker. Shaheen Afridi is bowling the opening pitch, so that makes sense. Let’s begin! KL On his stumps, Rahul has played the ball. While attempting to defend the ball, Rahul managed to get an inside edge onto a friendly length delivery from Naseem Shah outside off stump. Rahul has similarly lost his wicket previously. He miscues, allowing four runs on eight balls.

Pakistan has had two victories thanks to Haris Rauf. Iftikhar Ahmed made a terrific catch diving to his right at first slip after Rohit Sharma edged the well-lengthened ball outside the off-stump area. Rohit leaves after seven balls and four runs. He is gone after Surykumar Yadav’s poor shot! When Haris Rauf succeeds, he is on fire, and his exuberant celebration style conveys just how vital this wicket is to Pakistan. On the body, a short ball was bowled. Suryakumar attempted to play an uppercut on the rising delivery but edged the ball to wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan. He stumbles for 15 off of 10.

India has lost four wickets to Pakistan in their 160-run chase as Axar Patel gets run out. The southpaw attempted to grab a single by pushing the ball to midwicket. Virat Kohli, the non-striker, moved a little distance forward before sending him back. Still, Axar could not react in time as Mohammad Rizwan ripped the bails off at the other end. India is under more strain now that Shadab Khan has bowled a three-run over. India needs 119 runs from the final 11 overs to win. It is noteworthy that Shadab has only bowled two overs and has only allowed five runs in those two overs.

Match-winning inning by Virat Kohli:

This is turning out to be the end for India. Virat Kohli sent Mohammad Nawaz’s ball far on as he danced down the track for a massive six. Virat Kohli stepped on the back foot and smashed a short ball past the point fielder for a four after Shadab Khan pitched it to him. Despite the deep fielder’s valiant effort to stop the ball with a nice run and dive, it still had enough momentum to reach the boundary. To get Naseem Shah, Virat Kohli travelled down the track. Following him, the bowler sent a fuller ball towards the pads, but Kohli struck it with his trademark finesse to beat the short fine-leg fielder for a four.

India is still a contender because of this alliance. On the opening ball of Shaheen Afridi’s over, Virat Kohli hit a four. Kohli quickly reaches his T20I fifty with it. He has already saved India countless times. Can they push them over the limit once more? Let’s see where he goes from here, then. India’s match is still in play, and Virat Kohli, their maestro of the chase, has kept them in the hunt. This episode of Kohli is classic.

Kohli pulled Shaheen Afridi over the short fine leg for a four after Afridi pitched it short. India has to score 31 more runs in the last 12 balls to win. At the MCG, Virat Kohli is playing fantastic cricket. Call it a Kohli or magic class, but what matters most is that it has kept India in the hunt. In the final six balls, India needs to score 16 runs.

India Vs Pakistan Highlights, ICC World Cup

Final overs:

India has four bowls remaining and needs 15 runs. Dinesh Karthik took a stride toward the ball and mishit it far for a single. Now it’s all Kohli’s turn; with a few runs from him, India only needs 13 off three. Pakistan currently has a slight advantage in the game. But with cricket, anything can happen! To make things a little easier for India, Mohammad Nawaz delivered a no-ball that was over Virat Kohli’s waist and was hit for a six by the batsman. Overall, the chasing team scores seven runs off the no-ball. India needs six more runs in the successive three balls. What a fun game, however! With the consecutive two balls, India needs to score two more runs.

Mohammad Nawaz successfully removed Virat Kohli on the free hit. The Kohli-Karthik pair shrewdly added three runs to reduce the situation to two runs off two balls. At the MCG, everything is happening. Mohammad Rizwan has stumped Dinesh Karthik, and India needs two runs to win off the last ball. There is still a tonne of drama in this match, but we will soon find out who will win. Or will there be a super-over? 

The delivery from Mohammad Nawaz was wide down the leg side. Ravichandran Ashwin, a fresh batter, was wise enough to leave the ball down the leg side for a wide when he intended to pursue him. India must score one run on the final ball to win the match. Ravichandran Ashwin has struck the winning runs. India defeated its opponent by four wickets. They didn’t participate in the pursuit of the majority party but finally won the last-ball thriller. I couldn’t have wished for a better game between India and Pakistan.

How did it end?

India needed 48 runs to finish a 160-run chase going into the final three overs.

And on a ground that offered alarming pace and roiling bounce, they were up against a bowling attack drawing every bit of toxin possible.

Haris Rauf was more like a fireball than a human. He was the one who re-involved Pakistan in this mysterious game. It follows that he had to go.

Kohli batted at a level that shouldn’t have been possible the entire night. Similar to the English alphabet’s 27th letter. It was ridiculous. He struck to conclude the 19th over, just like the two sixes.

The first one was a slower ball that moved above his waist at the rear of a length. He could only have struck it over the bowler’s head by using enough resolve to break the rules of physics.

An equation originally stated 28 off eight balls changed to 16 off 6. Still, mayhem lingered.

This match’s cost to be this fantastic was spin. Anyone who couldn’t move quickly enough was eliminated. When Mohammad Nawaz fronted out for the final over, he knew the same destiny awaited him. With the wicket of Hardik Pandya, he got off to a decent start. Still, when he ran against the day’s irresistible force, everything changed.

Umpire gives no ball:

Before the ball had touched down, Kohli had already signalled for a no-ball as he sent Nawaz over the enormous square-leg boundary. That annoyed Pakistan. The umpires and Babar Azam had a heated, passionate debate. India ultimately obtained their desired outcome despite the close call, a complete toss that may have been just above waist height. Nawaz used a free hit to knock Kohli’s stumps out, but it made no difference. Getting bowled off a free impact is impossible. Kohli ran three times as the ball scampered away. Pakistani opposition is heard once more. They believed it should have been declared dead after the ball struck the stumps, but the umpires disagreed again. Rod Tucker gave a bye signal.

Kohli was at the non-strikers’ end when India needed two runs off one. In the midst of all, Dinesh Karthik had a problem. Ashwin delivered the final delivery of this inning, and India needed one run to win. The batter smashed this ball toward the front side and took a quick single to help to win this match by four wickets.

The best vs the best:

It takes many struggles to defend 160, even for Pakistan. They’ve only been able to do it thrice in 13 games since 2019. That appeared to be the lucky number four. India has scored 45 runs in ten overs. They needed to score almost two runs per ball for half of their innings if they were going to win—what a way to provoke a genius. Then, Kohli was 12 off of 21. He would rebound by hitting Nawaz for a six, a booming strike after striding down the field. At the opposite end, Hardik also began to move. Pakistan understood they had to pull out the heavy guns after India scored 55 runs in the five overs from the 11th and 15th.

But Hardik was still having trouble. He was feeling the strain to find those sixes. Like a square of the MCG wicket, he started looking in all the wrong spots. Rauf’s superb 19th over, which included the opening four balls, raised the equation to 28 off 8. Kohli then went on strike. He was aware that the straight lines were shorter. Place one on the floor. One more follows behind the wicket. Poof, 12 off 2 in a flash. Being that cool-headed and practical in such circumstances is required.

ICC World Cup 2022 Live Telecast & Broadcasting:

CountryLive Telecast and Broadcast Channels
IndiaStar Sports network
PakistanPTV Sports and Ten Sports
BangladeshGazi TV (GTV)
Australia and New ZealandYupp TV
South AfricaSuperSport network
The USA and UKHotstar 
Middle EastOSN Sports Cricket

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