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New Zealand vs Ireland Highlights

Ireland vs. New Zealand highlights – 37th match of ICC World Twenty 20 (T20) Cricket World Cup

New Zealand trounced Ireland by an overwhelming margin of 35 runs. New Zealand and Ireland have met four times so far, with New Zealand coming out victorious in every game.

A close victory for New Zealand as they almost secured their spot in the semifinals with a 35-run lead over Ireland. Ireland openers Andrew Balbirnie and Paul Stirling took advantage of Blackcap’s bowlers to score 68 runs for the first wicket. When the spinners were introduced, Ireland capitulated quickly in the run chase. All it took was Mitchell Santner chopping on Balbirnie to dismiss him and then Ish Sodhi picking up 2 quick wickets before Lockie Ferguson did his job, too – finishing off what these men had started: taking out their middle and lower orders.

The circumstances are such that Australia, England, and New Zealand have five points apiece with one game left to play. With each team going undefeated in their final round-robin matches (and assuming they don’t tie), it comes down to Net Run Rate (NRR) deciding which teams qualify for the semifinals out of this group.

New Zealand vs Ireland Highlights, Toss-Update:

Ireland won the toss and elected to bowl first against New Zealand.

New Zealand Batting

1st Over New Zealand: 

In his first over, Joshua Little conceded only 4 runs for Ireland.

2nd Over New Zealand: 

Not a perfect start for Adair. A batter misses a shot and slams a severed leg stump by getting an outside edge past the keeper’s fingertips. There is a run-off for four!

3rd Over New Zealand: 

It had traveled. Not the best of timings and was put down by Harry Tector at mid-off.

4th Over New Zealand: 

Gareth Delany was brought into the attack by Andre Balbirnie during the powerplay. A courageous decision.

5th Over New Zealand: 

First boundary of the day by the batsman on strike, Finn Allen. The pitch was outside the off-stump line, but much flatter, and Allen came down a bit lower than usual while maintaining good balance to drill it past square leg for four runs.

6th Over New Zealand: 

Finally, something good happened to New Zealand. Allen moves out of the way to make room before he smashes it down the ground, bisecting the fielder at mid-off and mid-on for a boundary.

7th Over New Zealand: 

Three boundaries in one over. The width was offered, and Allen capitalized on it. Length delivered outside the offside boundary line, then swatted with all his might – sending a shot high over the fielder’s head for four.

8th Over New Zealand: 

Conway drives his bat over the back of a length delivery over the leg stump. He smashes it toward the deep square-leg region for a boundary. Short-pitched ball, an outside-off cutter, and the batsman opens up and punches it over the fine leg region for a six of 65 meters. It was there to smack it, and Allen thrashes but finds the safe hands of Fionn Hand at mid-off. Both Conway and Williamson struggled to take a step forward. As the eighth over came to an end, New Zealand was 58/1

9th Over New Zealand: 

The second boundary in this over, and once again, it’s Kane Williamson! Fuller length on the middle stump. A greater margin of time for him to play with this time around, leaving him well out of trouble. Short and angling into his left shoulder.

10th Over New Zealand: 

Delany has Conway figured out. Good length, pitching outside off. Conway moves onto the front foot and looks to hit a boundary but is caught by Adair on the leg side. Phillips goes onto the front foot and sweeps it over square for six runs.

11th Over New Zealand: 

Glenn Phillips hits two consecutive boundaries against back-to-back deliveries. He starts with a front foot push across the line for four runs before coming down to sweep it away from his body – this time managing to collect six runs in total!

12th Over New Zealand: 

Delany strikes! Delany delivered an outside off-stump ball which Phillips edged. At one point, it was intercepted by Dorcel. Delaney takes the wicket! he throws you high Phillips steps forward and hacks it – Dockerle catches him at the perimeter.

13th Over New Zealand: 

Short of a length ball, pitched outside the leg stump and angled across towards the batter. Daryl Mitchell rocked back and played it late before pulling it behind square to hit a boundary through the deep point region.

14th Over New Zealand: 

Williamson is coming hard! Dockrell pitches it right down the middle, on Williamson’s pads. He gets down low and sweeps it behind square for four runs.

15th Over New Zealand: 

A misplay from Adair and Mitchell is quick to make up for it. A swift punch, and Mitchell easily clears the boundary line for an astonishing hit.

With 3 fours and 5 sixes, Kane Williamson has scored a 50 off of just 32 balls.

16th Over New Zealand: 

Length ball, outside off. Tom Williamson steps out of his crease and cuts it past point for four runs.

17th Over New Zealand: 

Kane Williamson takes a swing at the bowler! A full ball lays nicely outside the off-stump, so Williamson hits it toward deep mid-wicket for six runs.

18th Over New Zealand: 

Williamson raises his bat high enough to swat the ball over mid-off without wasting time. But before he could make contact, he was caught at long-on.

19th Over New Zealand: 

Little flicked one up and on line; Neesham pushed hard but swung too early and missed his drive. Umpire Illingworth gave him out LBW; however, he signaled for a review – only to realize too late that it was all over with three reds.

20th Over New Zealand: 

New Zealand spinner Mitchell Santner received an LBW. And was dismissed by the referee despite signaling a review after a missed shot. Kane Williamson propelled New Zealand to an imposing 185/6.

Ireland Batting

1st Over Ireland: 

Balbirnie takes a pull shot for six runs, giving Ireland an early start.

2nd Over Ireland:

Pitching down by Boult, Stirling pushes forward and cuts the ball behind square for four runs.

3rd Over Ireland: 

Stirling takes a step back and pulls the ball for four runs deep into right field.

4th-5th-6th Over Ireland: 

Ireland reached the end of their powerplay at 39 without loss.

7th Over Ireland: 

The Kiwi spinner Mitchell Santner gave the team a much-needed break when he struck the first ball of the ninth over.

8th Over Ireland: 

Pitched fast and full on a good line. He swings and misses, and the ball goes through square leg and is caught out lbw.

9th Over Ireland: 

Great bowling from Mitchell Santner. Giving it an extra yard outside the off stump. Tector bends low on one knee and reaches out for it but can only manage to send a top-edge flying toward the fielder at a backward point before being caught behind by BJ Watling, who was fielding there.

10th Over Ireland: 

Wide of the crease, Santner delivered a swift ball to Delany, who stepped back and cut it behind square leg for four runs.

11th Over Ireland: 

Delany pitches up again and shoots it slower through the air towards the off side of the field. He opens his front leg and drives it through a deep cover area, recording a boundary.

12th Over Ireland: 

Lockie Ferguson strikes first. The change in bowling had proved successful. A good length pitched just outside off-stump, Delany is forced to play it away from his body and catches him at slip.

13th Over Ireland: 

100 runs down for Ireland in 14.2 overs; they need 86 more from 34 balls

14th Over Ireland: 

Sodhi came over to bat. Tucker moved across the pitch and lifted a drive but was caught by Finn Allen at point-blank range.

15th Over Ireland: 

STREAKY! Carter takes a step back and cuts the ball behind square for four runs.

16th Over Ireland: 

The width offered by Trent Boult and Dockrell swayed the ball out of bounds, much to the dismay of England. Southee takes away Campher’s bat. Campher shuffles down the pitch and attempts to hit it but is caught by Finn Allen at cover-point.

17th Over Ireland: 

Full and wide outside the off, Fionn Hand slaps it towards extra covers for a much-needed boundary. Dockrell backs away from the ball but only manages to create four runs as he is slowing down.

18th Over Ireland: 

Ferguson took out Fionn Hand’s wicket. Already done for the pace, he catches it off his delivery.

19th Over Ireland: 

A high full-toss from Ferguson follows Dockrell after he steps out of the way from it. The batsman misses his opportunity and sends it straight to Williamson at mid-off, who takes an easy catch.

20th Over Ireland: 

Tim Southee bowled a more offcut. Adair played a drive but was caught by Phillips on the onside.

New Zealand won the cricket match against Ireland with a difference of 35 runs.

ICC World Cup 2022 Live Telecast & Broadcasting:

CountryLive Telecast and Broadcast Channels
IndiaStar Sports network
PakistanPTV Sports and Ten Sports
BangladeshGazi TV (GTV)
Australia and New ZealandYupp TV
South AfricaSuperSport network
The USA and UKHotstar 
Middle EastOSN Sports Cricket

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