Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights T20 World Cup Semi-Final

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Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights

Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights World Cup 2022

In T20 World Cup 2022, Pakistan has never lost a World Cup Semi-Final match against New Zealand.

Pakistani players – Shaheen Afridi, Mohammad Rizwan, and captain Babar Azam- seemed off their game during this tournament. However, when it mattered most, they stepped up in clutch moments, making plays that helped take them to the finals for the first time since 2009 (the year they last won). After restricting New Zealand to 152/4, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan set off on an epic inning where they scored 105 runs before being separated by one run – ending just short of victory.

The men in green eventually finished up with seven wickets remaining and just five balls left.

Toss Details:

Kane Williamson gets the first win of the day, so he gives Pakistan a target with his original lineup.

Match Details, Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights:

New Zealand: 152/4 (20.0 Overs)

Pakistan: 153/4 (19.1 Overs)

New Zealand Innings:

1st Over New Zealand: 

After hitting a full ball straight down the ground for four – easy as you please – Finn Allen was given out LBW second ball. Hit it on the pads, full, straight, and right into the front pad, and so an unfortunate loss of five runs. Three balls later, they gave us two reviews while gaining a wicket at the expense of one run when they reviewed again with another lbw decision in favor of them. New Zealand (5-1)

2nd Over New Zealand: 

Oh, Devon Conway! Lucky man you are. He barely misses it by an inch or two – he makes sure that this ball doesn’t reach his end zone. Not wasting time at all -he sends it up and over the boundary for four runs. It’s happening; this game is coming to an end soon enough. New Zealand (14-1)

3rd Over New Zealand: 

It reassures me every time Kane Williamson bats. Even if he doesn’t hit the ball well, it still gives you that feeling of everything being okay in this world. He hits one over cover for three runs! New Zealand (19-1)

4th Over New Zealand: 

Williamson digs out a yorker from Haris Rauf with the final ball of an over, bringing life back into the game. Williamson and his teammates are fighting hard; Pakistan is doing little to give up points. New Zealand (23-1)

5th Over New Zealand: 

As if he can read minds, Pakistani Mohammed Wasim bowls another perfect delivery to restrict New Zealand’s progress. When will they ever find a way through this tough defense? Devon Conway dances his way down the pitch and smashes Haris Rauf over cover point for 4 runs. So good. New Zealand (34-1)

6th Over New Zealand: 

Gone! The perfect ending to the powerplay of Pakistan. More a brilliant bit of fielding than a bad run. Conway took off immediately, touching the ball to mid-on, but Shadab had different plans. Glenn Phillips guides one effortlessly past point four. He’s been my favorite player to watch lately; his contrast with Williamson is impressive, but it works so well. New Zealand (44-2)

7th Over New Zealand: 

Shadab Khan sped through the first over of New Zealand, racing it for just seven runs. They would need a higher score to keep up with Pakistan– who currently has an average of 4.28 per inning- or else their innings would end before they could even make it past 130 points. New Zealand (44-2)

8th Over New Zealand: 

Disappointing start! Batters are finding it difficult to score runs against the spinners, who seem to grip whatever balls they throw at the batsman. Glenn Phillips tries to hit one towards the leg-side boundary but instead edges it straight back onto his stumps – an easy catch for the wicketkeeper. New Zealand is still having problems scoring runs. New Zealand (49-3)

9th Over New Zealand: 

Shadab Khan dances around the crease, only three runs away from yet another six-ball over. He’s taken just nine of thirty balls this game. However, he has still been brilliant – Pakistan have batted poorly all tournament, but they’ve continued bowling well today.

New Zealand (52-3)

10th Over New Zealand: 

Kane Williamson taps and nudges his way through the next over, taking 7 off it. They’ve lost half their wickets, but if there’s one batter you would want at the crease when you need someone to come up with some big shots like this -it’s probably Williamson. New Zealand (59-3)

11th Over New Zealand: 

Haris Rauf fearlessly scampers to the boundary and stops two runners from scoring. He then hits a ball over long-on for four more runs while Daryl Mitchell gets ready in the outfield. It was an excellent inning for New ZealandNew Zealand (72-3)

12th Over New Zealand: 

Kane Williamson is not hitting many balls out of the park. It must have been well over 10,000 steps for the day already. New Zealand (81-3)

13th Over New Zealand: 

Wasim swings his arm before releasing the ball, sending it skidding through to K Williamson, who bats it straight back. It’s given not out by the umpire, but after an insisting appeal from Pakistanis, Babar Azam goes for a review. Williamson recovers well, only allowing two runs following the successive five balls bowled. New Zealand (90-3)

14th Over New Zealand: 

Oh, Daryl Mitchell. You’re something else. He smacked a six past long-on off Shadab Khan to bring up the 50-partnership from 35 balls between himself and Williamson. New Zealand (99-3)

15th Over New Zealand: 

Shaheen gets off to a good start, making two dots balls before he is hit with an effortless boundary by Williamson. Bringing Shaheen back does not result in a wicket, but they are content as his return allows them seven runs from the over. New Zealand (106-3)

16th Over New Zealand: 

Daryl Mitchell lofted one over the fielder’s head, who was running towards him, before trying to send another lofted ball sailing right over the keeper’s top. But Mohammad Rizwan intercepted it and prevented a specific four runs. New Zealand (116-3)

17th Over New Zealand: 

Pakistan isn’t letting us run at all! The pitch is slow, and they’re playing perfect defense. Good thing we’ve got Jimmy Neesham. He’s been waiting for his whole career for this moment; he won’t let me down! New Zealand (123-4)

18th Over New Zealand: 

Jimmy Neesham is so dangerous at the end of an innings because he can produce priceless boundaries effortlessly. A stroke off his pads meant another precious edge. Anything over 150 would be a welcome relief for New Zealand, who needed it badly after a first innings score well below what they had hoped. New Zealand (133-4)

19th Over New Zealand: 

Naseem Shah began the game spectacularly by quickly switching up his pace and successfully deceiving Mitchell and Neesham with some slow pitches. New Zealand (148-4)

20th Over New Zealand: 

A gutsy performance from Pakistan today. They did well with the ball and in the field due to favorable conditions, but they needed some runs on the board when it mattered most. This is where New Zealand’s bowlers came in. We all know what they’re capable of. New Zealand (152-4)

Pakistan Innings, Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights:

1st Over Pakistan: 

Rizwan cuts his first ball for four. Babar Azam swung at it, but the ball flew low, driving to the right of Devynn Conway. He quickly dove for it, catching it just before it hit the ground. It was a close call. However, he managed to stop it from going for four runs. Pakistan (7-0)

2nd Over Pakistan: 

Tense? It was like watching a commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight. Pakistan (9-0)

3rd Over Pakistan: 

From Boult, slashed for 4 by Babar. Fans of Pakistan love it. Brilliant shot from Mohammad Rizwan. A length ball and wide ball from Trent Boult and Rizwan cuts it away through point for another 4 runs. Pakistan (24-0)

4th Over Pakistan: 

Lockie Ferguson comes into the attack, and Babar Azam drives one of his first balls for another boundary. This is an excellent start by Pakistan. Pakistan (32-0)

5th Over Pakistan: 

This time is hitting four runs on the leg side of the field due to some clever batting from Babar. New Zealand is making this an easy match for Pakistan. They’re just too sporadic with their bowling, and there’s no consistency among the fielding team members – it will only take one mistake to cost them dearly. Pakistan (47-0)

6th Over Pakistan: 

From Lockie Ferguson, over the keeper for four from Babar. Too short! What a power play for Pakistan Pakistan (55-0)

7th Over Pakistan: 

What is going on with this team of New Zealanders? They are playing as they’ve never bowled before. The deliveries are too short, and they’re getting out bowled every time. This is so unlike them! Pakistan (63-0)

8th Over Pakistan: 

Five singles were scored from Sodhi’s first over. He was milking it for all its worth, and Pakistan was predicted to win at 88%. Pakistan (68-0)

9th Over Pakistan: 

Glum faces on the New Zealand dugout. Players looked around, trying to figure out what was happening now that they were down two points. Then, there was a fumble by Trent Boult, which allowed their opponents to score again. Kane Williamson looked like he could swing for someone. Pakistan (75-0)

10th Over Pakistan: 

Magical from Babar! He made it four points tonight after going 0-2 this season. Pakistan (87-0)

11th Over Pakistan: 

A gentle nudge from Lockie Ferguson returns Rizwan’s ball toward him. The New Zealand team needs to start throwing balls filled with bombs if they want to challenge the Pakistani captain, who has led his team close to victory Pakistan (97-0)

12th Over Pakistan: 

Century Stand, the third one between Babar and Rizwan in a T20 World Cup match. They are the only ones to threepeat in this competition. Pakistan (102-0)

13th Over Pakistan: 

Pakistan has proven itself to be an excellent team. They have. However, New Zealand has shown some less-than-stellar performances with the ball. Was this too ambitious from Babar Azam? The first unbridled shot he took was lofted into long off and taken out by Daryl Mitchell Pakistan (103-1)

14th Over Pakistan: 

50 for Rizwan. If you’re going to wear such delightful green shoes, you will need to do well. And he does well; he is one of the best players. A bit more money for Pakistan would ensure victory for them – they wouldn’t want their efforts lost because of a little mistake. Pakistan (113-1)

15th Over Pakistan: 

Runs needed almost below balls remaining. Pakistan could taste victory now. Pakistan (122-1)

16th Over Pakistan: 

A single delivery from Haris Sohail was cut down to point by Trent Boult. Mitchell Santner dropped a catch at his knees, which he should have held onto. Pakistan (127-1)

17th Over Pakistan: 

Boult bowls to Haris, and he slashes it away from the cordon to make his way back for a single. There were two decisions reviewed, one of which involved Rizwan being given out caught behind Boult. But there was some confusion if the bowler’s foot had made contact with the ground before delivering that ball, so they sent him back, too, just in case.

 Pakistan (132-2)

18th Over Pakistan: 

Shan Masood, the newest addition. They’re now starting to feel some pressure. Incredible from Haris, who clears it over the covers. And they just made singles off the last two balls of this match. Pakistan only needs eight runs in these next couple of overs to win! Pakistan (145-2)

19th Over Pakistan: 

Just short of Ish Sodhi on the field, Pakistan runs a single. Single to the off side. Six of nine are needed. Past everyone and past the keeper. Three byes! Two left to win! Wide down the leg-side for Tim Southee. The score evens out! Pakistan (152-3)

Last & Final Over First Ball: 

Pakistan does it again! From out of nowhere, they are in the final round of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan (153-3)

New Zealand Captain Reviews:

It’s disappointing not to make Pakistan work harder for those runs – they were outstanding today! Babar and Rizwan put us under pressure; however, if you’re being honest with yourselves here, he said, pausing to take off his helmet before tossing it over his shoulder without looking, we should have been more disciplined. We’ve played much good cricket this tour already… but today, we weren’t at our best.

Pakistan Captain Reviews:

With the team performing flawlessly in three previous games and carrying over their performance today, I want to thank all of you. It feels like you’re right here with us when we play because there’s such an electric atmosphere – we owe it all to you! It felt great, said Rahul Dravid after yesterday’s victory over England at Mohali, which sealed qualification for the World Cup semi-finals. While acknowledging that staying focused was vital for them now, Dravid also pointed out that everybody understands what went wrong, including him, and believes it won’t happen again. We got off to a fantastic start with six overs gone but then lost control before recovering toward the end. Newcomer Mohammad Amir too, allowed glimpses of his talent during this campaign – something he’d long been doing back home, where southern setup Pakistan innings with fast starts.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Highlights, Conclusion: 

Pakistan is riding high on the momentum of two consecutive wins against Australia. They’ve had a few minor slip-ups along the way but will look forward to whatever team awaits them in the finals. Tomorrow at 8 am EST, they’ll play one of England or India for a chance to compete for their second title this year.

ICC World Cup 2022 Live Telecast & Broadcasting:

CountryLive Telecast and Broadcast Channels
IndiaStar Sports network
PakistanPTV Sports and Ten Sports
BangladeshGazi TV (GTV)
Australia and New ZealandYupp TV
South AfricaSuperSport network
The USA and UKHotstar 
Middle EastOSN Sports Cricket

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