Sri Lanka vs Pakistan highlights Asia Cup 2022

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Sri Lanka vs Pakistan highlights Asia Cup 2022

Super 4: Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by five wickets.

PAK vs SL highlights Asian Cup 2022:

Sri Lanka played Pakistan on Friday at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai with 3 wickets from Wanindu Hasaranga and 5 from Pathum Nissanka.

Pakistan in 19.1 overs all out with runs of 121

PAK 11/0 in 1 Over: 

  Babar and Rizwan want to move things forward. Madushanka with a new ball across the wicket to Babar. A longer ball is counterbalanced from outside the stump, and Bubber drives but misses. If you fill the pad with this one, the ball will bounce off the pad and create a pair of deep square legs. Babar doesn’t plant a stick in the crease at the end of the non-forward, so that’s it. Leading edge from Rizwan’s blade and just ahead of the midfielder. Run it a few times. I flicked my square leg and aimed for the next ball. Babar finished the over with a four-run short straight drive, taking 11 runs from the first over.

PAK 19/0 IN 2 Over: 

Theekshana at the second ballover. Texana went a little too straight and conceded a wide down leg, putting Rizwan on his knees and wrapping Pair One with great legs. Single to end the over. Eight escapes. 

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan highlights…

PAK 26/0 IN 3 Over: 

Madushanka induces an outside edge from Rizwan off the first ball into a single deep third. Past the goalkeeper, he runs five distances away. At outer length, Babar perfectly times the cut but instructs the fielder to cover the point ball. The ball came long to the stumps again, and Babar hit it right down the middle. 

The bowler gave a big bouncer to Babar, and Babar reacted to it. He lost four consecutive points. The last ball is taken to finish the over.

 PAK 34/1 IN 4 Over:

  Debutante Madhushan with a ball. He collapses after delivering the first ball, which is the point. Far away on the next ball and an extra run for Pakistan. Fill the middle and remove it from the stump. Rizwan raises this to the middle of the couple. Out! The debutante strikes and Rizwan has to go. A long ball on the outside, Rizwan tries to drive it down the middle but is ultimately clipped too high by a short fielder with thin legs. Babar was almost gone on the next ball. Number 2 for Babar to end the over. 

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022.

PAK 37/1 IN 5 Over:

  Dananjaya de Silva attacked. Close by. Only 3 singles. He comes to Fakhar with the middle and his legs looking a little wary. 

PAK 49/1 IN 6 Over: 

  Madhusudan continues. Four! Fakhar receives him at the border. With a full toss off the outside, Fakhar clears his front foot and sends it to centre for four runs. More on Fakhar, this time from the inner edge to the deep midwicket. Four! The outside edge is thick, and Babar gets the lucky borderer over the slip fielder. He slices this off the pad down the middle and takes a fast single. Point and Fakhar will get lucky. He blended the outside leg stumps a bit and got an inside edge. The ball rolled and got caught between the middle and leg stumps without loosening the stirrups.

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan…

PAK 53/1 IN 7 Over: 

  Hasaranga attack after power play. He looks for a wicket and throws it to Fakhar. 50 PAK with 6.3 overs.

PAK 60/1 IN 8 Over:

  Another crossover is just seven runs away from De Silva. Babar advanced to 25

PAK 62/1 IN 9 Over:

 He has only two singles because Pakistan refuses to show impatience or urgency.

PAK 66/2 IN 10 Over:

  Karunaratne to attack. Fakhar missed his second ball. Hit this directly to the middle fielder. Karunaratne took the wicket with frequent changes of pace as he allowed four runs.  

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan…

PAK 74/3 IN 11 Over:

 Hasaranga, his third fall. Stumps and Bubber’s Hammer Blown Through Cover. Iftikar hit after hit from her hind legs. Out! Babar is cleaned up, and Hasaranga becomes a skipper. Babar played an empty turn and was bowled clean. Five wide! This will keep sharp outer leg stumps away and flee for 5 extras.  

PAK 78/3 IN 12 Over:

  Bowling Danangjaya de Silva. Four singles from Over. Iftikar and Kashmir in folds.

PAK 80/4 IN 13 Over:

  Texana makes his second roll. Singles and legs were allowed in overs. 

 PAK 84/4 IN 14 Over: 

  De Silva gets Kushdir as the hitter charges a stretch and ends up sending the ball flying for a long-on. Nawaz came in and singled the bullseye from the last pitch 

of the over.

PAK 91/6 IN 15 Over:

  Hasaranga throws the ball out. Six! Finally, a Pakistani blockbuster connection. Iftikhar goes low, and Slog sweeps deep midwicket big. Out! The next hop is gone. He goes for a sweep, but Gooley stays low, going under the racket and off the pad before crashing into a stump. Out! Bowling again, Hasaranga has his 2-for-2. Asif Ali is losing a stump. 

PAK 95/7 IN 16 Over:

  Texana returns to attack. After the backswing, Hasan Ali tackles the first ball before him but connects directly to a short third man. Out! He bets on another foul shot, finishing with a slog that shoves a deep square-legged Hasaranga straight into his hand. 

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan, Asia cup highlights 2022.

PAK 102/7 IN 17 Over:

  Madushanka is back. After pushing the ball to centre, Usman Qadir rushed for a single, a little run-off at the end of the non-striker. The ball slows down, and Nawaz flips the ball with his leg and throws another. A short one from the pacemaker on the left and a Qadir duck below it. A scorching yorker and Qadir dig in the middle and make a quick single. Four! A late half volley on the off-stamp, and Nawaz drilled this into his limit with a four-run long off. 

PAK 110/8 IN 18 Over: 

  Theekshana bowling. Do a flat delivery outside, Kadir shuffle a bit, and put it on your leg to make it a single. Six! Nawaz with a swing at the end here. The wideout, Nawaz, slams a long ball deep into his spot to the max. Out! Another Pakistani thug digs deeper. Qadir picks a big slog sweep but deep picks his mid-wicket perfectly.

PAK 121/9 IN 19 Over:

  Madushanka throws the final over. Rauch is on strike. He shoves the entire song into the single’s cover, and Nawaz strikes again. Nawaz goes full pad and tries to counter it with the side of his leg but fails. The buzzer sounds, and it is an overrun no-ball. Nawaz is facing a free kick. He dove into the field, widened out, swung, and missed by Nawabs. Good Yorker, Nawaz gives way and backs up his legs to collect the pair. Six! Hitting a half volley to the stumps, Nawaz hits Max over the bowler’s head. Out! Nawaz flirts briefly after hitting this deep midwicket but stays away from his crease. Perfect Yorker to finish off. 

PAK 121/10 IN 19.1 TRANS:

 Madhusudan rolls over the final. Out! The first ball of the 19th over is gone, and Pakistan is 121 down. Long-on Lauf Hall.

Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by five wickets.

Sri Lanka 2/1 IN First Over: 

Out! Kusal Mendis went ahead, and Mohammad Hasnain took the wicket. A little movement on the track outside. Mendis pokes it and gets an outside advantage for the slip fielder. Gunatilaka and Nissanka at Kink.

Sri Lanka 3/2 IN Second Over:

Rauf from the other side. Out! Gunathilaka returns to fetch the duck. He also hits the channel and gets an outside edge. Rizwan jumps to the left and makes a good catch, with Dhananjaya de Silva in his fourth, just one point behind him. 2 points to end the over. Rauch prolongs it. 

Sri Lanka 7/2 IN Third Over:

Opportunity and lying! De Silva hit a long ball back to the bowler, but he missed his head. Des Silva went wide on the drive, and the ball went just outside his edge. The extra bounce would be huge for hopping and defending De Silva. With Fuller on the stumps, De Silva would push this to the middle and run for a single. The fiery Yorker and Nissanka almost become thugs.

Sri Lanka 22/2 IN fourth Over:

Hasan Ali is in action. Nissanka sends him through the slips for two consecutive boundaries after a lucky first ball 4. With 15 runs remaining, Sri Lanka finally entered this chase.

Sri Lanka 29/3 IN fifth Over:

Rauff continues. Four! De Silva pulls this short to a deep midwicket line. Out! De He hit the leading edge when Silva closed the racket face too early. With SL down three, the match was wide open.

Sri Lanka 37/3 IN Sixth Over:

Hasan Ali continues. Four! Nissanka swipes the line of the ball and collects the boundary with deep mid-wicket. Eight runs from an over, including two 4s. Hasan Ali has been expensive so far.

Sri Lanka 45/3 IN Seventh Over:

When Nawaz comes up with the ball, it spins into the equation. No limit, but both Rajapaksa and Nissanka ran well between wickets, and from the over, he amassed eight runs.

Sri Lanka 53/3 IN eighth Over:

Qadir bowling, Starting with Stump’s broken leg, Nissanka pushes this into the cover of a single. Six! The Rajapaksa Slog sweeps the next load and sails deep midwicket to the max.

Sri Lanka 57/3 IN ninth Over:

Nawaz continues. Rizwan stumbles slightly and misses the first pitch. Only four goals until the end.

Sri Lanka 68/3 IN tenth Over:

Six! Qadir and Rajapaksa long hop maximize this with wide long ons. 11 runs from the end.

Sri Lanka 73/3 IN eleventh Over:

It ended shortly after the break as Nawaz conceded just five singles. But Sri Lanka accepts because the asking price is controlled.

Sri Lanka 83/4 IN twelfth Over:

Six! Kadir and Nissan Kahammer throw his pad and make the most of the deep mid-wicket. Out! But Kadir gets the last laugh when Rajapaksa holes deep midwicket and goes for a slog sweep. A spectacular leg spinner as Qadir beats Nissanka’s forefoot defence.

Sri Lanka 87/4 IN thirteenth Over:

Nawaz bowling. Sri Lanka tries to play him without taking any more damage. He slipped on the spot when Shanaka faced the first ball at the slam. He flogs a flying delivery with his leg to crave a single—only four singles from the overs. Nissanka changed to 49.

Sri Lanka 92/4 IN fourteenth Over:

Qadir balls out. Shanaka shuffles and wants a sweep, but he doesn’t hit well. One leg goodbye. Nissanka swung back and drew it with one long on to win 50 of 41 balls. Kadir hits Shanaka with another heavy leg spinner, and Shanaka turns him around and hits the outside edge. Shanaka makes a flying delivery through the mid-off of the single. Pushing aside Nissanka’s cover from the final ball, he singled. It will not be the last ball as Qadir overshoots. A free kick comes, and Shanaka hits it. Shanaka goes out but returns that Yorker to the bowler.

Sri Lanka 103/4 IN fifteenth Over:

Rauff is back. Yorker and Nissanka hit this off the pad and make great legs for singles. Shanaka drives next to the cover fielder. Tempo changes as this are faster, and Shanaka gets hit in the canal. Away from padding for thin leg borders. Six! In Slots, Stumps, and Shanaka, this hits the max over a long period. Shanaka swings and misses outside.

Sri Lanka 107/4 IN sixteenth Over:

Hasan Ali returns to attack. Nissanka backed up with the outside leg and hit it with a long on. Short, Shanaka gives way and tries to slice him but fails. Thinking he heard a noise, Rizwan goes upstairs without asking a bemused Babar. A replay confirms that Bat was not involved. Nissanka dragged this from the wide outside into a deep mid-wicket gap to end the over.

Sri Lanka 125/5 IN seventeenth Over:

Hasnan is back. Six! The upper end of the train to Shanaka, but at best, it flies over thin legs. Out! Shanaka wants to go big again, but it floats in the air. The two outfielders got confused, but Hassan Ali grabbed the ball. Then comes Hasaranga. On the down leg, Hasaranga units and concedes a leg bye. Four! Dropped and fled to the border in 4 runs. The successive few balls are added as Hasaranga pulls back his outside foot and drills the ball into deep extra cover. four! It is the game! Hasaranga cuts this back square for the border.

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Asia Cup 2022 Live Telecast & Broadcasting:

CountryLive Telecast and Broadcast Channels
IndiaStar Sports network
PakistanPTV Sports and Ten Sports
BangladeshGazi TV (GTV)
Australia and New ZealandYupp TV
South AfricaSuperSport network
The USA and UKHotstar 
Middle EastOSN Sports Cricket

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